UniFi is a bundled triple play service offering High Speed Internet, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice for residential use. For business use, UniFi offers dual play service which includes High Speed Internet and Voice.

HyppTV is different from satellite TV in that it is transmitted via a broadband network. This gives added benefits such as not being susceptible to bad weather, as well as fast Internet access via HyppTV.

HyppTV also differs in term of pricing model, which is an On-Demand approach, which means customers only pay for the channels, movies or series they want to watch, rather than pay for the whole package, with no extra monthly fees involved

UniFi will enhance customer experience by providing higher internet speed, more entertainment options, affordable voice packages and better service stability. UniFi allows customers to experience virtual shopping, work from home, interact with people in virtual
communities and enjoy high quality entertainment anytime.

UniFi also allows customers to maintain their existing TM Phone number with NO additional fee. ( The existing TM Phone number owner’s name must be the same person that apply for UniFi)

UniFi’s installation charges are RM 200 ( currently, we offer Free Installation. This RM 200 fee will be waived.) and No Deposit is required. Beside that, the standard package is inclusive of equipment worth RM1094  that will also be given free-of charge to customers.

Customers will have to pay the monthly subscription fee for UniFi along with telephony usage charges and Value Added Services purchase that are charged separately.

The contract period duration is 24 months.

Installation and testing are expected to take approximately 4 to 8 hours depending on the type of customer premise due to the sensitive nature of and the complexity involved in fibre installations. The installation process involves site survey, ducting, piping, electrical work and equipment configuration.

Customers may call their own external contractors to fix the internal wiring but TM will not be responsible for any damages resulting from any works done by third parties.

All services offered under UniFi will be in one bill. However, for the services maintained after subscribing to UniFi (i.e., Streamyx, Business Broadband, TM Homeline/Businessline), customers will receive a separate bill.

All Residential UniFi packages are subject to the Fair Usage Policy. FUP is a standard global practice to ensure that good quality of experience is provided to all customers.

  1. The VIP5 package comes with a 60GB monthly download volume.
  2. The VIP10 package comes with a 90GB monthly download volume.
  3. The VIP20 package comes with a 120GB monthly download volume.

The monthly download volume will not be implemented until further notice. There will be no volume capping for UniFi’s Business packages.

Customers can upgrade to a higher-priced package at any time (either within contract period or not). However, for downgrades, a fee of RM 200 will be charged (this is subject to change).

In the event of an upgrade or downgrade, the contract period shall be renewed and a new 24-month contract will take effect from the upgrade/downgrade completion date.

The first bill can be expected around 1 month after service is activated. The first bill will also include a one month advance payment.

For early terminations, customers shall pay a penalty of RM500. There will be no penalty charges for termination after the minimum contract period (24 months). Customers must also settle any outstanding bill prior to termination. For more information, please refer to your service Terms & Conditions.

Now UniFi customers who request to relocate their UniFi service to new premise will enjoy zero charge on relocation fee. TM has decided to waive the relocation fee of RM300 effective from 29 April 2013.

– Applicable to all UniFi customers.
– Customers must bring all existing CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment) to their new premise.
– No new CPE will be provided by TM UniFi installer during installation at the new premise.